Friday, November 30, 2012

Record Album Cover

The two songs I have chosen are Benny Goodman's Moonglow, and George Gershwi'n's Novelette in Fourths.

 I wanted to show the relaxing and lively qualities that these songs have, and the time period from which they were recorded. I chose to have swing dancing for the liveliness and smoke for that aloof elegance  This is the beginning outline of my illustration.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Type crimes [extra credit]

This is what I found for my type crimes, most of them were on the airplane or a hair salon.

These top two have the use of a fake hand-drawn typeface. It is easy for a designer to just hand write something, and then it looks the way it actually looks natural. There are also spacing issues with this typeface, the two L's seem to touch other letters at their cross strokes, and the T and i in tickets meet awkwardly.
This one just had stroked texted everywhere on the add, and the script font over the photos made it difficult to read, especially in a low light setting on an airplane (this magazine was designed for people on Southwest flights).

This was a homemade poster in a hair salon. The typeface does not communicate the look they are going for at all. The type is whimsical and the pictures are Goth looks. The lower text also is very wonky, none of it is straight or lined up.

This one was also in the hair salon, it seems to be what someone did in Word Document in a few minutes, and the typeface contrasts oddly with the logo on the left. There is also awkward space between the logo and the 100%

I decided to just throw this one in there, I don't think anything is wrong with the typography, but I think it is a bit odd juxtaposed the photo next to it. I found the image to be rather goofy next to a serious question, and seems very out of context.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Visual Interview: Nick Howland

So this is how I decided to represent my fellow classmate, Nick Howland. I wanted to show Nick's essence of being very down to earth and personable, with that "hipster" style. I chose to have a square format because of his connection to records, and to have an Instagram/film like quality to the photos.

The main themes about Nick that I was portraying was his connection music, specifically records, so i have a close up of that scene to show how it is an intimate meaningful experience. The desk area and typewriter are to show how Nick is a conceptual person, and is important to him because of writing and the meaning of ideas. The large shot of Nick is also to show how he has a connection to nature, and how he is instinctively a protective nurturing person.

Also there is a progression of the images starting very zoomed in and they progress to be father zoomed out, the center being the farthest zoomed out.

This was my original mood board for Nick, my inspirations from the interview were his intrest in music, nature, illustration/printmaking, and some themes were him being a instinctively nurturing and protective person. Below are some of my initial sketches, I ended keeping the same cover and the record image, changed the others ideas so it could communicate Nick better with photos.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jenson Type Specimen Book

This is the revised version of my annotation, it isn't much of a change, just brought it down in size a few notches to make it feel less bulky. Also there is the addition of doted lines in the spreads of my book to mark the baselines and x-height. I also transitioned from having small black letter for the annotations to large letters at 36% grey.

These are my first set of the entire specimen book spreads. I wanted to emphasize that Jenson was a groundbreaking typeface by its loose spacing, and horizontality because of its low x-height. I think the last spread needs more work because I was not exactly sure what else I wanted to show, and I knew that I needed to continue with a strong hierarchy like I have in the other two spreads. For now I decided that it would be interesting to have a special character, so I decided to show a ligature because it had a very unique form that has deviations from the typical characteristics of Jenson, such as the first f being much shorter than the second, and the top of the i not having nearly as much of a slanted stress.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Environmental Design: Step one

So here is some more info about the Environmental Design project, including inspiration,  sketches, and  explanations of the installment ideas and an area assessment. 

The installment for this area is meant to act as an entry marker for the east entrance to the Kansas City Art Institutes campus that embodies the artistic spirit. The area for this installment is the small grassy area off of Oak Street and by the Irving building. The space is a common passageway for student to transvers to the Nelson-Atkins Museum and between several campus buildings. The intent for our installment is to fill the space, and be interactive with viewers.

Our objective for this installment was to have an interactive design that would fuel creative interest and allow students/visitors to have a unique experience on campus. Our core ideas were to either have a kinetic sculpture that would powered by the viewers interaction with the piece, or to have a stagnant installation that could be used as an outdoor hang-out/ work area.

For the kinetic piece we envisioned a large Newton’s cradle installation that would powered by people “paying” with the sculpture. Ideally it could interact with the lighted cobblestones during nighttime.

The second idea would be a larger installment that would most likely be made of a frosted fiberglass, and possible some wood. We have several different directions that this “hang-out” area could become. One idea is that it could be an acting wall with small cubbies for people to sit in, or a structure closer to a tent that students could go inside of.

Our third direction would be a small sunken amphitheater; it would be a clean minimalist circle sunken about 2 feet into the ground, using concrete to make the form. It would be very small and good for performance art, playing music, or possibly a smoking area.

Here is our inspiration boards for this project: My drop markCal's Dropmark

 Then these are some sketches and a little mock up of one design with paper!

Lastly, some rough covers.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Inspiration from peers

I think these were the best examples from the class inspiration for type specimen books. I found that I tended to lean towards more simple designs, were the grid structure was more apparent than the free page placement. I think there were some good examples of those designs, but in general I think these ones are easier to look at because they have clearer hierarchies, showing me exactly what the spread is about.

Type Specimen Inspiration

Cheltenham Specimen book

Garamond Specimen
New Gothic Specimen


The quote that stuck out to me was "Typography is more than a crystal goblet for communication. It is like an actor in a play; the right one makes all the difference." With typography design so readily accesible these days, people think they can be a designer without training. This semester so far has taugth me that there is a lot that goes into design behind the scenes and even the smallest changes, like a typeface choice, can make all the difference.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Environmental Design Inspiration

My newest project assignment is an environmental design with a partner. The location for the design would be the entrance way to the KCAI green area by the Nelson Atkins Museum. My partner, Cal, and I started on the same page with the focus being an interactive design. The direction we are thinking will look geometric but somewhat rough to match the natural surrounding area. Our current idea would be a large Newton's cradle installation that might interact with the lights in the pathway of the area, and the cradle would be mounted on large "crystalline" pillars that would form a grand entry-way.

This is the area the design would hypothetically be installed.

Here is a video of a direction we were thinking could go with the newton's cradle idea.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Product Shots: Crayon Package

These are the newest product shots, changed to a grey background.

These are my three final crayon box designs! This project was a great way to jump deeper in graphic design and experiment with dominant images/minimal type. This has been my favorite project thus far into the semester because it is the first thing I have made that people come by and pick up. The physical part of this project is very rewarding, especially when someone picks up because they want to see more of it because it sparks their curiosity. 

 For this box design I was aiming to show fun, dynamic and movement. I made burst/firework shaped crayons using dilation and rotational symmetry for the movement. I then paired the CMY overlapping colors for the fun bright feeling.

For this second design my goal was to convey sophistication and elegance with a dynamic bold style. I was focusing on using figure ground, balance and continuation to achieve this.

For the third design I was using an actual image of crayons to show simplicity and quality of the product inside. The design was based more on proximity grouping and figure ground. The progression of figure ground for this box has changed quite a bit starting at black and moving to white, and finally with a white crumpled paper behind it.