Thursday, August 30, 2012

Exploring Type: Process and Finals

These are for my first type assignment, a created a series of altered letter forms and created them into large scale pop ups to see the dimensions of the letters, usually seen in their 2D 

This is the process of creating the pop up, it takes a good amount of planning and measurement to get it right. I then used tape to attach it to the wall, while it did work, I wish I had found a better way to do this.

These are the final results of the project, and I am pretty satisfied with the project. I wish my craft could have been better, but there was an improvement as I progressed with each letter form. I was focusing on a consistant look with the pop ups, especially with different letters forms. I then decided to continue the theme with the anatomy labeling for the last part of project.

Part 4, the perfect replication of letter. Mine was a lower case Futura o.

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