Friday, September 28, 2012

Blog design comes to a close

My current live blog design is the result of the past few weeks. For now I think the current design effectively shows my style. It falls a bit on the simpler design right now but I think it is a good balance from being too simple or overly complicated like I had earlier in some mock ups. The incorporation of my monogram is now in the favicon and the background. I am glad I dropped the dynamic views template too, the main reason I was attached to it earlier was because of the way posts were viewed with the picture side by side, and I also liked the date ribbons. After seeing all the problems it had on the big screen/other people's computers I figured the simple template was the way to go, and with some help I was able to edit more than I thought.

My biggest struggle with this project was having limited knowledge of blogger or css, but with time I was able to figure out how to do what I wanted.

In the future I am definitely going to keep tweaking my blog as we go, but I will make sure to keep incorporating the monogram in the design. My monogram is probably my favorite incorporation in my blog, and I think my header correlates well with it.

These are links to see the steps I have taken to get to this point in my blog design with Illustrator Mock Ups, and my Monogram Process.

Post Card Quote: Petrula Vronticus

Petrula Vronticus is the designer that said the quote I chose, “Practice safe design: use a concept.” I thought the quote was striking because it is witty and fun while still having a good message. I think the quote would work well for the First Friday concept as well because it is still child friendly while adults will understand the sexual innuendo.
After researching her more I have a great respect for her and find her inspirational. She is very well known in the graphic design community, while also being a dedicated educator and business owner. In an interview she said that she makes sure to experience things outside of design to inspire her. Another piece of advice she said that I enjoyed was that she doesn’t let her personal style dominate her work; “My work is not rooted in a personal style, but relies on a consistent and individual approach to each project. This method allows my work to appeal to a wide range of clients. Economic downturns in particular industries — like entertainment or real estate — have not devastated my business. I am able to recalibrate as needed in a changing economy.” This seemed like a really wise piece of advice to me that I will keep in mind for the future.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Final Issu Publication of Visual Order

Well here it is, the final for the Visual Order publication. The colors I chose were 100% yellow, 100% black and 22% black.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Issuu First Draft

Well here is my first draft of the Visual Order publication on Issuu. For the most part I think it is a solid start. For the final I know I want to play more with color, arrangement, and make some of the definitions more clear. 

My process involved a good bit of starting over to get to this point. I re-shot all of the gestalt and symmetry photographs because I wanted a more visually consistant look. Then I reselected images for the schematics and balance because I want them to also have a constancy to them because the previous images were all over the place visually and in their subject matter. So I found a photographer and used all of their images (except for one of the schematics) for figure ground, the schematics, and balance. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Schematics Redo

Kidwell, sorry I forgot to post this yesterday. I went through and simplified my schematics because they were too complicated and I knew they didn't fit the assignment well . This is the final result with the first schematic in the middle, and the finished one on the right.

Blog Re-Design Ideas

So these are the Illustrator file I created for my ideal blog re-design. The headers and page link font is Century Gothic, one of them has Copperplate. The body font is Rockwell 13 point, not quite sure how well the point size will translate to the actual blog but I like the looks of it with the Century Gothic. Then these are my HEX colors.

Single color with black and white
yellow: FFEE00
Blue: 6FC7B1

Banner design
yellow: FFCD33

Fabric Design
blue2: 66FFFF
red: C12026

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Issuu Magazine Process

So I have been working on placing all of my photographs and graphics in the template for the Issuu publication. I am finding that my photographs aren't quite "up to par" so I am thinking I will focus on reshooting tomorrow. I want to have a common visual theme rather than a bunch of un-related items. I have also been struggling with the last assignments of the schematics and balance. I understand them, I just am having a hard time separating the imagery with the schematics, and constructing well balanced compositions with the letter forms. My goal for finishing this assignment is to fix all of these short comings, and produce the best publication I can.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Typographic Mark:Monogram

This is the final outcome of my monogram. I really enjoyed the process of this assignment because of the experimentation, especially pushing them into illegibility. I enjoyed it more because I did not push the first letterform project as far as I did with these monograms. Then after chatting with some seniors I realized the importance of pushing ideas as far as you can, because you can always bring it back, which is exactly what I had happen with these. My final monogram ended up almost exactly like my original sketch, but during the experimentation I focused on changing it.
Over all I am pretty pleased with this, and I think it represents me personality and my sense of design aesthetics well.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Motion Inspiration: Murmuration

While poking about the internet for black and white photography I came across this video on a photographer's blog and had to share it. After the first 24 seconds the video is of a murmuration,  a flock of starling birds that move in an organic form. It is an astounding phenomena to me, to think thousands of creatures can move in unison without having collisions. So here is a little article from Wired magazine explaining a bit better than I can, along with a link for the video Wired:Murmuration Science.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Symmetry Operations and Dilations

a size change set in regular intervals

Glide reflection:
a mirrored image with the addition of moving the object into a new position on the axis

a mirrored image over a specific axis

rotating and duplicating a figure around a fixed axis point

repeating a figure in the exact same intervals in a specific direction

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Musical Inspirations for Symmetry

I found this music rather inspiring for the symmetry operation assignment. The direct looping and layering of the cello seems like an audio version of the translation, reflection, and dilation.   I guess the repetition makes all of it seem that way, but the dilation can directly relate to the intensity and volume of  the notes. All instrumental music seems to fit into this now that I think about it more, because without the complexities of words music is a system of notes played to a rhythm. Then overlapping brings in a new complexity with stringed instruments that can play more than one note at once.

The reason I discovered this is because I went out to First Friday and in there is a live cellist that plays every month. His music struck more of a cord to me (pun intended) than the paintings did. I have been dwelling on it all day and had the itch to find some more online. The complexity and simplicity of the sounds keep me interested in the music with a good mellow vibe. I also love the range of emotions it conveys to me, anywhere from excitement to melancholy.
So here is the link to the album that I have been listening to,  When Fulvio Finds Celeste by Wytold, and this is a video of another artist explaining how it works and has a screen shot of his process, Cello Live Looping with Cosmo D.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Experimentation with Symmetry Pattern Operations

The one on the left is an altered form of a lower case futura i, and the right is a lower case d.