Friday, September 28, 2012

Blog design comes to a close

My current live blog design is the result of the past few weeks. For now I think the current design effectively shows my style. It falls a bit on the simpler design right now but I think it is a good balance from being too simple or overly complicated like I had earlier in some mock ups. The incorporation of my monogram is now in the favicon and the background. I am glad I dropped the dynamic views template too, the main reason I was attached to it earlier was because of the way posts were viewed with the picture side by side, and I also liked the date ribbons. After seeing all the problems it had on the big screen/other people's computers I figured the simple template was the way to go, and with some help I was able to edit more than I thought.

My biggest struggle with this project was having limited knowledge of blogger or css, but with time I was able to figure out how to do what I wanted.

In the future I am definitely going to keep tweaking my blog as we go, but I will make sure to keep incorporating the monogram in the design. My monogram is probably my favorite incorporation in my blog, and I think my header correlates well with it.

These are links to see the steps I have taken to get to this point in my blog design with Illustrator Mock Ups, and my Monogram Process.

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