Saturday, September 8, 2012

Musical Inspirations for Symmetry

I found this music rather inspiring for the symmetry operation assignment. The direct looping and layering of the cello seems like an audio version of the translation, reflection, and dilation.   I guess the repetition makes all of it seem that way, but the dilation can directly relate to the intensity and volume of  the notes. All instrumental music seems to fit into this now that I think about it more, because without the complexities of words music is a system of notes played to a rhythm. Then overlapping brings in a new complexity with stringed instruments that can play more than one note at once.

The reason I discovered this is because I went out to First Friday and in there is a live cellist that plays every month. His music struck more of a cord to me (pun intended) than the paintings did. I have been dwelling on it all day and had the itch to find some more online. The complexity and simplicity of the sounds keep me interested in the music with a good mellow vibe. I also love the range of emotions it conveys to me, anywhere from excitement to melancholy.
So here is the link to the album that I have been listening to,  When Fulvio Finds Celeste by Wytold, and this is a video of another artist explaining how it works and has a screen shot of his process, Cello Live Looping with Cosmo D.

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