Friday, September 28, 2012

Post Card Quote: Petrula Vronticus

Petrula Vronticus is the designer that said the quote I chose, “Practice safe design: use a concept.” I thought the quote was striking because it is witty and fun while still having a good message. I think the quote would work well for the First Friday concept as well because it is still child friendly while adults will understand the sexual innuendo.
After researching her more I have a great respect for her and find her inspirational. She is very well known in the graphic design community, while also being a dedicated educator and business owner. In an interview she said that she makes sure to experience things outside of design to inspire her. Another piece of advice she said that I enjoyed was that she doesn’t let her personal style dominate her work; “My work is not rooted in a personal style, but relies on a consistent and individual approach to each project. This method allows my work to appeal to a wide range of clients. Economic downturns in particular industries — like entertainment or real estate — have not devastated my business. I am able to recalibrate as needed in a changing economy.” This seemed like a really wise piece of advice to me that I will keep in mind for the future.

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