Monday, October 22, 2012

Crayon Packaging

So I have been working on this assignment for a few weeks now, and the objective of the assignment is to make a minimalist design of product, primarily using imagery of items the box contains. Text was ment to be small and informative but not a dominant factor of the design. My package is a pack of 24 Crayons. 

This is the most recent set, and I have another one on the way. The new changes will be a crinkled paper texture behing the crayons on the far left box, an actual crayon texture on the center box, and an increase in pattern size on the right box.

 This box is based on an overlapping CMYK design, a three color design, where areas overlap and create new colors. I was focusing on the design principles of dilation and rotational symettry. This box is ment to show fun and energy.
This one shows energy and some sophistication.
 This was the second round of boxes, and the CMYK box was design off of the box on the right.
 This was my original set of boxes. My main weakness of these is that the imagery isn't strong enough and I made the text very dominant.

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