Tuesday, October 2, 2012

David Sedaris Synopses

These are my short little synopses of 3 of David Sedaris' short stories from Me Talk Pretty One Day. The goal for this next project is to create one mock e-book cover for each story, and picking picking three themes from each story to base the covers on.

“The Great Leap Forward”

This story was about one of Sedaris’ many jobs working in New York City. In this story he begins working for a cheap self publisher from a townhouse, then for a  small local moving company. Sedaris slowly starts getting to become more annoyed/resents his publishing boss, and switches to the mover. The work is harder but Sedaris finds more satisfaction. The resentment still caries through the story when the movers complain about some of their rich clients, but the whole time Sedaris expresses his desire to live in the life styles and homes of Manhattan.

“Twelve Moments in the Life of the Artist”
            Peer pressure

In this 12 part tale, Sedaris outlines his younger life with dreams of being an artist, and the end of performance art career. A huge factor of this story is his crystal meth (speed) addiction, and how it fuels his performances, friendships, and ultimately leads to his withdrawal and moving on with life.

“The Youth in Asia”

Sedaris outlines his family’s life with pets, with deep interconnections to his mother’s death and his father. Emotional connections to a small slew of dogs, cats and small rodents is highlighted in his childhood, especially his parents’ reaction to them. Sedaris relates it to the scheme of life and his growing up and dealing with loss, and moving on.

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