Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Final Postcard

This is the final result of the postcard project. The process was quite the experience, it took about a whole day to get everything calibrated just right since we were focusing on good craft, especially with the dramatic size change. I definitely will be using the letter press in the future, while it was a time consuming process, I loved the tactility and the variety of the prints. I think I will try some more experimental work in the future too, and try to push what I can do with it.

At first the black on black wasn't strong enough visually so we decided to have a deep emboss along with it. We switched to the larger press after first trying the Kelsey and were much happier with those results. I think our alignment and trimming could be a bit better, but the print quality is good.

These bottom two are the experimental set. This grey on white has the "Practice Safe Design" hierarchy on its opposite side. While this one is pretty safe for experimental we decided on this one so it could still be passed out for First Friday and be professional looking. It was difficult to get a consistant grey tone, this one was the most consistant color.

This is the second experimental card, it was a double emboss because we were playing with depth and the illusion of a 3D look. It looks much better in person because the embosses catch the light as it is rotated around by the viewer.

In the end I think Florentino and I made a postcard that would catch the eyes of most First Friday attendees.

Here is a link to the process part of creating the postcard.

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