Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Letterpress Process

Here is a quick picture of one of the lock ups to print the final post cards.

These are the 2 newest sets designed collaboratively with Florentino. We decided upon black on black for the first design so there intimacy with the viewer and a sense of discovery. Our back up plan is to use a grey or white ink if the black on black is too difficult to see. We were also focused on changing up our hierarchy of words by splitting the quote into two emphasized parts, and the pairs have one of the 2 emphasized parts with the second part smaller. 

This is the other set Florentino and I designed for one of the initial steps in this assignment.

Then just for fun, and so I could get some starter experience with the letter press I printed a Lord of the Rings quote, and a practice set of this quote to pass out and mail to my friends. I unfortunately had a typo in both of them. Since I am too proud to point them out, see if you can find them...

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