Sunday, October 28, 2012

Product Shots: Crayon Package

These are the newest product shots, changed to a grey background.

These are my three final crayon box designs! This project was a great way to jump deeper in graphic design and experiment with dominant images/minimal type. This has been my favorite project thus far into the semester because it is the first thing I have made that people come by and pick up. The physical part of this project is very rewarding, especially when someone picks up because they want to see more of it because it sparks their curiosity. 

 For this box design I was aiming to show fun, dynamic and movement. I made burst/firework shaped crayons using dilation and rotational symmetry for the movement. I then paired the CMY overlapping colors for the fun bright feeling.

For this second design my goal was to convey sophistication and elegance with a dynamic bold style. I was focusing on using figure ground, balance and continuation to achieve this.

For the third design I was using an actual image of crayons to show simplicity and quality of the product inside. The design was based more on proximity grouping and figure ground. The progression of figure ground for this box has changed quite a bit starting at black and moving to white, and finally with a white crumpled paper behind it.

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