Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Typographic Metaphor

For this assignment I did the words neglected, deteriorate, and shatter and the objective was to visual represent the essence of the word. Neglected was done purely in digital form, and then both my deteriorate and shatter where done through analog manipulation, and then transfered back to vectors in Illustrator. 

This shatter was done as more of an experiment with the figure ground balance and legibility. I didn't think that it would be good for the final but I think it was good progress to get to before I did my final one. After doing this one I decided that there needed to be more emphasis on a physical shattered look, and cut the letters into much smaller pieces and focused more on arrangement.

With this deteriorate I was just trying to physically destroy the word with paint and scraping it with an x-acto knife. I enjoyed the process, but latter realized it wouldn't translate to black and white vectors. I then decided to use stippling in the final with the slow progress of it becoming more abstract and disappearing.

 These are my original sketches, with a few notes to changes for the final.

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