Thursday, November 8, 2012

Environmental Design: Step one

So here is some more info about the Environmental Design project, including inspiration,  sketches, and  explanations of the installment ideas and an area assessment. 

The installment for this area is meant to act as an entry marker for the east entrance to the Kansas City Art Institutes campus that embodies the artistic spirit. The area for this installment is the small grassy area off of Oak Street and by the Irving building. The space is a common passageway for student to transvers to the Nelson-Atkins Museum and between several campus buildings. The intent for our installment is to fill the space, and be interactive with viewers.

Our objective for this installment was to have an interactive design that would fuel creative interest and allow students/visitors to have a unique experience on campus. Our core ideas were to either have a kinetic sculpture that would powered by the viewers interaction with the piece, or to have a stagnant installation that could be used as an outdoor hang-out/ work area.

For the kinetic piece we envisioned a large Newton’s cradle installation that would powered by people “paying” with the sculpture. Ideally it could interact with the lighted cobblestones during nighttime.

The second idea would be a larger installment that would most likely be made of a frosted fiberglass, and possible some wood. We have several different directions that this “hang-out” area could become. One idea is that it could be an acting wall with small cubbies for people to sit in, or a structure closer to a tent that students could go inside of.

Our third direction would be a small sunken amphitheater; it would be a clean minimalist circle sunken about 2 feet into the ground, using concrete to make the form. It would be very small and good for performance art, playing music, or possibly a smoking area.

Here is our inspiration boards for this project: My drop markCal's Dropmark

 Then these are some sketches and a little mock up of one design with paper!

Lastly, some rough covers.

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