Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jenson Type Specimen Book

This is the revised version of my annotation, it isn't much of a change, just brought it down in size a few notches to make it feel less bulky. Also there is the addition of doted lines in the spreads of my book to mark the baselines and x-height. I also transitioned from having small black letter for the annotations to large letters at 36% grey.

These are my first set of the entire specimen book spreads. I wanted to emphasize that Jenson was a groundbreaking typeface by its loose spacing, and horizontality because of its low x-height. I think the last spread needs more work because I was not exactly sure what else I wanted to show, and I knew that I needed to continue with a strong hierarchy like I have in the other two spreads. For now I decided that it would be interesting to have a special character, so I decided to show a ligature because it had a very unique form that has deviations from the typical characteristics of Jenson, such as the first f being much shorter than the second, and the top of the i not having nearly as much of a slanted stress.

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