Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Type crimes [extra credit]

This is what I found for my type crimes, most of them were on the airplane or a hair salon.

These top two have the use of a fake hand-drawn typeface. It is easy for a designer to just hand write something, and then it looks the way it actually looks natural. There are also spacing issues with this typeface, the two L's seem to touch other letters at their cross strokes, and the T and i in tickets meet awkwardly.
This one just had stroked texted everywhere on the add, and the script font over the photos made it difficult to read, especially in a low light setting on an airplane (this magazine was designed for people on Southwest flights).

This was a homemade poster in a hair salon. The typeface does not communicate the look they are going for at all. The type is whimsical and the pictures are Goth looks. The lower text also is very wonky, none of it is straight or lined up.

This one was also in the hair salon, it seems to be what someone did in Word Document in a few minutes, and the typeface contrasts oddly with the logo on the left. There is also awkward space between the logo and the 100%

I decided to just throw this one in there, I don't think anything is wrong with the typography, but I think it is a bit odd juxtaposed the photo next to it. I found the image to be rather goofy next to a serious question, and seems very out of context.

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  1. haha. some good laughs here. especially the neo-goth poster. so very goth.