Monday, November 19, 2012

Visual Interview: Nick Howland

So this is how I decided to represent my fellow classmate, Nick Howland. I wanted to show Nick's essence of being very down to earth and personable, with that "hipster" style. I chose to have a square format because of his connection to records, and to have an Instagram/film like quality to the photos.

The main themes about Nick that I was portraying was his connection music, specifically records, so i have a close up of that scene to show how it is an intimate meaningful experience. The desk area and typewriter are to show how Nick is a conceptual person, and is important to him because of writing and the meaning of ideas. The large shot of Nick is also to show how he has a connection to nature, and how he is instinctively a protective nurturing person.

Also there is a progression of the images starting very zoomed in and they progress to be father zoomed out, the center being the farthest zoomed out.

This was my original mood board for Nick, my inspirations from the interview were his intrest in music, nature, illustration/printmaking, and some themes were him being a instinctively nurturing and protective person. Below are some of my initial sketches, I ended keeping the same cover and the record image, changed the others ideas so it could communicate Nick better with photos.

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