Thursday, February 28, 2013

Graphic Design Branding Project

This is the final project for my typography branding assignment, which was to brand the Graphic Design department's new space on the KCAI campus. I started off this assignment of by creating abstract "type as image" forms that embody the quote "Creativity is intelligence having fun" by Einstein. (The quote was a requirement from the Chair of Graphic Design.) 

Using the type as image we made compositions that would be made into vinyl stickers and applied to windows that are in our new space. The windows are right next to one entrance to the building and can be seen from a second entrance. This is why on the far left side I placed a mirrored view of graphic design, so it may be viewed from the second entrance.

The image above is a photoshop mock up of what the vinyl would look like when it is applied to the windows. I wanted to have a sense of activity and life in this piece, so I focused on a dynamic composition using my arrow shaped type as image. I wanted them to look like they were directing or pushing the reading text into place.

KCAI Branding: Kinetic Type [Monica Roesner] from Monica Roesner on Vimeo.

Then to finish off the project I made an After Effects animation that would be displayed on a television in a common area of the building. Luckily my composition lent itself very easily to motion because I could continue with the pushing motion that I originally designed with. I also focused on starting simple and having the animation get more lively then end with a quick fade out.

This project is also a competition between my classmates, the best design and animation will be applied to the space. May the best man win!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sports Project

So I want to do weapon related sports.

They would be: archery, fencing, sharp shooting, and javalin throwing.

I haven't quite decided what I want to do for the form of the project, but I am leaning towards analog over the app store. Especially for these sports that are utilizing weapons I feel they should be more hand held and physical.

I'm also thinking more minimal design with emphasis on the type and simple glyphs. Yet I still want to pull from the deep history that all these sports derive from, such as the civil war for sharp shooting, and ancient greek/roman history like achilles for archery.

I am working on a dropmark, it is in progress right now. Sports Project Dropmark

First Website Design

Here is the link to my Semiotics Webpage. This is my first try at website design, and I know it is still rough around the edges, but I think what I have got is good start.

The purpose of this site is to demonstrate to our parents what we are learning and working on in one of my studio classes. The other goal is learning Adobe Muse for website building. So far I found Muse to be a user friendly program, I just need some more practice.

I started with a vertical navigation layout, and moved to having accordions expanding widgets displaying the information. In the future I want to add more images, and have a concise style for everything, then have more links that help with navigation.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Final Amtrak Poster

This is the final result of the train trip poster. The Empire Builder route travels from Chicago to either Portland or Seattle, and most of trip travels through the scenic parts of Montana and Washington state. My main goal for the poster was to have a nostalgic, qualitative feel, emphasizing the experience of the trip and the memories that are created when someone takes the trip.

These are some images of the construction during the photographing process. It was good experience to be able to move around the pieces and keep changing the construction until I got a composition that worked the best.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

After Effects Warmup

These are some basic exercises that I made to become familiar with After Effects because this is the first time that I have used the program. The next part of this will be making an full 10 sec animation that out of these parts and motions.

Each video represents a specific movement, in order they are: fade, grow, move, rotate, and a free choice

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Amtrak Poster: First Draft

This is the start I have on making a poster that visually represents the Amtrak Empire Builder route. My goal is to show a visual progression of the older/historical aspects of the route and how it progresses to being modern with the cityscapes.

I plan on re-creating this composition with either wood cut-outs or more detailed illustrations. I plan on putting more emphasis on depth and composition in the next version, because now I have more of an understanding of how the route, map and typography will function together.

I think one key step that I need to focus on for the next round is lighting, especially to help me emphasize the depth that I want to show in this image. 

This is my work space on the initial construction.

These two images were ment to show how depth is being used in this composition, and how the pieces are standing separately from each other.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Refinement Iterations

For these refinements I focused on making small changes because my previous feedback in critique was that this design was close, it just needed some tweaking. I focused on some scale changes, adding and subtracting negative space around the design, and some color change. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Luca Barcellona

So I made a trek to the Foundations Department earlier today to visit with Carl Kurtz. I must say having  Carl as a professor is one of the greatest honors I have had. In his workshop I learned a boat load: the art of book making, craft, and most importantly about myself.

It was great to catch up with him, and I even got to sit in on the beginning of his calligraphy workshop. During this he showed a video of a current caligraphy artist, Luca Barcellona. Luca's background was graffiti , and he said that calligraphy found him. I saw some things in the video that reminded me of what we working on for my Typography 2 class with type as image, and the way some of his compositions come together. So this is the video.

P.S. Sorry about the white text over white background, its still a good video

Branding: Window Designs

 In an earlier post I had some types as image exercises, these are designs that utilize those for branding the new graphic design space located in the Irving Building. The space is a set of windows by one of the three entrances into the building. These designs would be created and applied with cut vinyl.

For these designs I really wanted to stick with a strong graphic look. I also focused on incorporating a mirrored "graphic design" so that it could be read from the other direction of the windows. The grey color could also be inter-changed for white or a frosted vinyl, I just wanted the color to be softer and let the color stand out more.

I focused on hierarchy and gradation in this design. I chose for the KCAI to be large because these are windows that people drive by, and I figured the window could also work as a site marker for the school. For the texture in the backgound, I haven't added it yet, but I think it would be interestign to add bolder letters that end up spelling out the different deparments to continue the focus on KCAI as a campus, and it would be an added treat for the people that are around the area more such as people chatting or having a cigarette.

This design was about depth, I feel like it still needs some work, but it getting there.

These are my preliminary sketches. They were mostly me thinking about how to combine the text as image principles and composition.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Amtrak Poster: Proposals

For this assignment we are creating posters for a long distance Amtrak route. I chose the route that goes from Chicago to Seattle or Portland; the Empire Builder. My main reason for this choice is because I felt a personal connection because most of the route runs through Montana. Both of my parents are from Montana and I have visited a few times, so from this conection I thought it would allow me to show more of the qualitative side of this assignment, which all of my ideas have gravitated towards.

My first idea would be to focus more on the contrast between the rich city culture and the sublime nature of the mountains. I even got a rough idea working below, and then have it smaller on a mood board. I plan for the hiearchy to have the emphasis on the city, industrial and oganized aspects, and have the nature be more abstract and a bonus for the viewer when they see it.

This is my second idea, which is to focus more on the historical aspects of the trip, and how it actually is the "empire builder"from how the present is built on the past. I would go with more of an antiqued look, but still have some modern pieces.

My third idea is to create a composition using mostly natural symbols from the areas and meshing them together to make an intriguing illustration. The deer poster in my mood board is what I am most inspired by because it feels very grand, yet intriguing.

Semiotics Part 2

From the reading assignment I got that denotation was like icons, they stand exactly for what they show. The connotations are learned meanings that the viewer understands based off the image. Connotations are completely subjective form the reader and connotations can vary from person to person. Anchorage is text in an image that guides the reader to the exact meaning they intend, while relay is text that gives new meaning that is not found in the image.

For my annotation I chose this exploratorium logo because I thought it was visually interesting and I thought it was particularly flexible because it could be used in different ways.
For my five iterations of changing the connotations of this logo, I chose the key words, natural, artistic, creepy, whimsical, and professional, but I am afraid I will have to post some pictures of them later today.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Annotated Panorama

This was an in class activity in annotating a block of town to identify semiotics in an area of Kansas City. I choose a block in Westport. The green sticky notes contain the annotation classifications and some short explanations.

In the activity I found that symbols tend to be the over arching classification, that often include icons.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Type as Image 1st Drafts