Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Amtrak Poster: First Draft

This is the start I have on making a poster that visually represents the Amtrak Empire Builder route. My goal is to show a visual progression of the older/historical aspects of the route and how it progresses to being modern with the cityscapes.

I plan on re-creating this composition with either wood cut-outs or more detailed illustrations. I plan on putting more emphasis on depth and composition in the next version, because now I have more of an understanding of how the route, map and typography will function together.

I think one key step that I need to focus on for the next round is lighting, especially to help me emphasize the depth that I want to show in this image. 

This is my work space on the initial construction.

These two images were ment to show how depth is being used in this composition, and how the pieces are standing separately from each other.

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