Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Amtrak Poster: Proposals

For this assignment we are creating posters for a long distance Amtrak route. I chose the route that goes from Chicago to Seattle or Portland; the Empire Builder. My main reason for this choice is because I felt a personal connection because most of the route runs through Montana. Both of my parents are from Montana and I have visited a few times, so from this conection I thought it would allow me to show more of the qualitative side of this assignment, which all of my ideas have gravitated towards.

My first idea would be to focus more on the contrast between the rich city culture and the sublime nature of the mountains. I even got a rough idea working below, and then have it smaller on a mood board. I plan for the hiearchy to have the emphasis on the city, industrial and oganized aspects, and have the nature be more abstract and a bonus for the viewer when they see it.

This is my second idea, which is to focus more on the historical aspects of the trip, and how it actually is the "empire builder"from how the present is built on the past. I would go with more of an antiqued look, but still have some modern pieces.

My third idea is to create a composition using mostly natural symbols from the areas and meshing them together to make an intriguing illustration. The deer poster in my mood board is what I am most inspired by because it feels very grand, yet intriguing.

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