Thursday, February 7, 2013

Branding: Window Designs

 In an earlier post I had some types as image exercises, these are designs that utilize those for branding the new graphic design space located in the Irving Building. The space is a set of windows by one of the three entrances into the building. These designs would be created and applied with cut vinyl.

For these designs I really wanted to stick with a strong graphic look. I also focused on incorporating a mirrored "graphic design" so that it could be read from the other direction of the windows. The grey color could also be inter-changed for white or a frosted vinyl, I just wanted the color to be softer and let the color stand out more.

I focused on hierarchy and gradation in this design. I chose for the KCAI to be large because these are windows that people drive by, and I figured the window could also work as a site marker for the school. For the texture in the backgound, I haven't added it yet, but I think it would be interestign to add bolder letters that end up spelling out the different deparments to continue the focus on KCAI as a campus, and it would be an added treat for the people that are around the area more such as people chatting or having a cigarette.

This design was about depth, I feel like it still needs some work, but it getting there.

These are my preliminary sketches. They were mostly me thinking about how to combine the text as image principles and composition.

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