Thursday, February 28, 2013

Graphic Design Branding Project

This is the final project for my typography branding assignment, which was to brand the Graphic Design department's new space on the KCAI campus. I started off this assignment of by creating abstract "type as image" forms that embody the quote "Creativity is intelligence having fun" by Einstein. (The quote was a requirement from the Chair of Graphic Design.) 

Using the type as image we made compositions that would be made into vinyl stickers and applied to windows that are in our new space. The windows are right next to one entrance to the building and can be seen from a second entrance. This is why on the far left side I placed a mirrored view of graphic design, so it may be viewed from the second entrance.

The image above is a photoshop mock up of what the vinyl would look like when it is applied to the windows. I wanted to have a sense of activity and life in this piece, so I focused on a dynamic composition using my arrow shaped type as image. I wanted them to look like they were directing or pushing the reading text into place.

KCAI Branding: Kinetic Type [Monica Roesner] from Monica Roesner on Vimeo.

Then to finish off the project I made an After Effects animation that would be displayed on a television in a common area of the building. Luckily my composition lent itself very easily to motion because I could continue with the pushing motion that I originally designed with. I also focused on starting simple and having the animation get more lively then end with a quick fade out.

This project is also a competition between my classmates, the best design and animation will be applied to the space. May the best man win!

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