Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Semiotics Part 2

From the reading assignment I got that denotation was like icons, they stand exactly for what they show. The connotations are learned meanings that the viewer understands based off the image. Connotations are completely subjective form the reader and connotations can vary from person to person. Anchorage is text in an image that guides the reader to the exact meaning they intend, while relay is text that gives new meaning that is not found in the image.

For my annotation I chose this exploratorium logo because I thought it was visually interesting and I thought it was particularly flexible because it could be used in different ways.
For my five iterations of changing the connotations of this logo, I chose the key words, natural, artistic, creepy, whimsical, and professional, but I am afraid I will have to post some pictures of them later today.

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