Monday, March 4, 2013

Barbara DeWilde

So I've been researching this really awesome designer Barbara DeWilde. She is an established designer and is mostly know for her work in the publication industry. Book covers were her main thing for quite a while, but recently she went back to school for interactive design. She was also the main designer for the Martha Stewart Living magazine

My favorite part of researching her was reading her tumblr. Her posts are very insightful, and it helped me understand more about how her process for designing works. She had one titled "The Mnmlst", that I found particularly helpful to understanding her style. She talked about how she didn't like being referred to as a minimalist designer, even though she uses minimal design.  She states that she always uses minimalism with a concept, and that simplicity is powerful in a world full of visual clutter. She says in the blog post "Maybe, because there’s so much world out there, simplicity feels like a powerful alternative, a virtue. "

From what I have visually collected her style focuses on the beauty of simplicity and small moments. Nature, portraits, and bold typography seem to be big trends I have seen in her work.

Plus, this is a link to a dropmark I made for researching her,

(Sorry I didn't post this early Marty! I totally didn't realize we had to have a blog post, my bad.)

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