Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gun Awareness: Mock Ups

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  1. Criiiiiiit

    Hourglass: I think the contrast between the simplified black silhouette of the hourglass and the somewhat more detailed white bullets is interesting and works well. You should vary the way the way / directions the bullets are falling into the bottom portion of the hourglass.

    World (STRONGEST): I definitely think, as stated by the all caps towards the start of this paragraph, that this is your strongest poster idea. It puts into perspective the fact that this is a world problem, not just one that is stateside. You should make the guns smaller and have more of them, have them actually fill in the countries maybe? Thought leave some space between the guns so you can still see the color of the country behind them. This poster has a strong message though. Totally accented by the paragraph return markers. It's a tad bit funny because I totally thought the hash tag was purposeful at first. Maybe bring down that text just a bit as well. Just a scootch. There is far less space between the top of the text box and the top of the banner on the bottom. Maybe equal that out some.

    Hand: I really like the simplicity of the imagery and text. The interaction and overlay is pretty darn nice. But maybe make that text just a tad bit transparent? (of course). Also, the 'A' totally looks like a trigger for the gun- largely due to placement and size. Maybe play with that a little more?

    Cool beans, good talk.