Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weapon Sport Guides

For these covers my goal was to show the relationship that these sports have from their historical roots with their modern practices, because all of these sport have derived from ancient survival and warfare techniques. While incorporating the historical images, I wanted the books to look more modern/vintage so I layered 3-5 duo-tone images per cover, each being a mix of modern and historical imagery, to create a textural look. I also tried to stick to vintage photograph color for the duo-toning process.

Archery has an ancient stone arrow head, cave paintings, and a modern archery target.

Javelin has two hoplite (ancient greek warrior) paintings, an ariel view of a track/field, and a modern day male javelin competitor.

Sharp shooting has 2 civil war photographs, and a modern day shooting rage.

Fencing has a close up of a fencing mask, a meeting of federalists (chosen because of the dueling culture during that time period) and an abstract image of fencing in motion.

On top of all of this is layered silhouettes of the weapons (that were originally drawn and transfered to illustrator) to have a more clear connection to the sport.

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