Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bubblelicous: Gumball Machine Identity

Who doesn’t love the thrill of purchasing a gumball, to experience that joy and nostalgia of receiving a perfect sphere of candy coated gum? Gumball machines are now part of the everyday experience, and can be a small tradition when visiting specific places. The gumball machine is a classic symbol of youth and enjoyment. 
The humble gumball machine was invented around 1907, and was officially patented in 1923. The original price to purchase a gumball used to be one cent, but the standard is now a quarter. The machines have been located in all sorts of locations, but originated in dug stores and slowly expanded. Current day gumball machines often have an entertainment factor of how you receive the gum, but the vintage machines only transformed small change into gum, creating a more intimate moment with the buyer.

Assets: Vintage, Playful, Nostalgic, Joy

The illustration is in progress right now, its a drawing of a cat with it's paws in the glass portion of the jar like it is trying to get a gold fish...

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