Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Trigger the Change: Final Gun Violence Posters

I ended up making two posters for this assignment because having both of them re-enforced the black and white concept I had going in my text, and I thought if these were to be placed around an area it would be nice to see a few different iterations to keep it interesting for viewers.
The mode of appeal I am using is pathos and appealing to people's emotion. I'm pointing out that life is valuable to everyone, even in our complex world. There is also a little bit of logos because my phrase's wording is presented like a fact, even though it really is an opinion.
The main trope of rhetoric I used was metonymy. I was using the idea of a rorschach (ink blot) test to prompt the viewer to thinking about the psychological effects of gun violence. There is some antithesis from the phrase, stating that nothing is black and white, but the poster are in black and white.

I'm really glad that I was able to design these posters because gun violence is a topic that strikes home for me. The Denver theatre shooting that happened this past summer was located 5 minutes away from where my brother lives. He could have been in that theatre, I could be missing a brother had it not been for him having work the next morning. Gun violence is something that our nation needs to finish adressing, rather than continuing to argue. No matter what is decided on, I just want to spur change, and designing these posters has allowed me to do exactly that.

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