Friday, May 17, 2013

Summing it Up: Rhetoric and Modes of Appeal

Well, Applied Communication Theory has been quite the class, I have really enjoyed learning all of the theories because I know they will help me with designing in the future. So I guess I'll wrap it up by taking note of all the things that I've learned.

Rhetoric was challenging because of all the tropes but very useful. I think using the matrix form for creating concept would be very helpful in the initial stages of designing. From what I've gathered several of these tropes seem to work best for humorous purposes. They also seem to pop up in simple forms such as logos and branding, and alos more complex forms like posters.

I see modes of appeal as something that is more about the manipulation of the audience based on emotion, logic, and credibility. The use of modes of appeal definitely tends to show up in advertisement  or the selling of products. It also seems pathos is the most common form of appeal, and the second logos. I guess it depends on the product that is being sold, but it seems westerners are more likely to be influenced by emotions. I think that using logos will be the most useful when research is involved in a progect, especially one that involves statistics. Ethos seems to be the trickest to use well, unless it is a very well known source, and there is also the factor of the credibility of the source.

Over all I think I will look to these techniques in the future, especially in generating ideas, and the best way to communicate with the audience.

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