Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Folly Final, Pamphlet, and a video of a bird flying cycle

So my concept for my video will be the microphone will open up and the bird will fly out, and land on the band name.

Flying Bird from Andrew Roper on Vimeo.
Paper Dreams from Kenneth Onulak on Vimeo.


  1. I really like the second inspiration video. I feel like technically it would be unfeasible to attempt to do your video that way but maybe it's possible to "fake it" in AfterEffects by having two of the same video but one follows the other. I wish there was some sketch of what you were thinking subject wise. Any ideas?

  2. I think the bird flying out is a wonderful idea to tie in your concept of how free Tierney's voice is. I'm thinking you start with the mic, open it up like the bird cage and the bird flies out to its perch. The triangles that you have in the background would be cool to incorporate in the animation, such as moving shapes in the bird while it is flying to make it more dynamic and would be a good idea to not lose that lovely background.

  3. Monica:
    Wonderful inspiration! Your video’s intent sounds like your thoughts are in motion to exemplify an extraordinary animation.

    Have you selected which song you plan to employ for the video? This might help a bit with your storyboard rhythm.

    Friday: Is WIP CRIT, so have something ready to share with the class. Jamie Koval will partake in our class CRIT.