Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fragmentation Experimentaion for Gert

Here are a few of my ideas for the motion pieces, I've just been trying to think in broad senses of what would work well to show fragmentation, now I need to take these overall themes and refine them into specific typographic moments.

The first storyboard on the top image is what I orginally intened for the stop motion, but the stop motion became a little more complex than that idea in the end.

Here is my experimentation video, I was sticking with my idea of fragmentation and not being able to see much of the poem, just pieces of it interacting with itself and fading out. I accomplished this piece by having a few pieces of vellum pinned to the wall and just playing around with their placement and movement.

gertrude stopmotion from Monica Roesner on Vimeo.

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