Sunday, September 8, 2013

Gertrude Process 2

So I continued on with the ink bleeding concept of deterioration, but decided to show more of the actual process that it goes through to deteriorate. This included showing how the water effects the translucency of the paper.

I then moved on to layer the poem based off of the translucency of the paper, writing the poem in cursive on one side of the paper, then writing in print on the other side, and once getting the paper wet seeing how the copies of the poem interact with each other.

This is where I moved away from the bleeding idea, and thought about how a leaf can shatter after being dried out. A more intense form of deterioration. Yet it still seems like it has a less destructive tone than the ink because it is a natural occurrence rather than a man-made form like the ink.

With the addition of the typewriter in class, I was having some fun experimenting with hierarchy and what pieces of the poem should be emphasized

Then I moved into one of the final forms I am thinking of for the final project, an accordion book.
I'm also thinking about making a multiplicity of the books, and having them bound together, or building a box/container for them to all live in together.

So this the small mock up I did with the typewriter, I was mostly experimenting with spacing and flow of the poems, because one of the advantage of the accordion book is that it can open up totally, and you can see everything in a linear format. But then it also has the versatility of of being flipped like a normally book, and the backside can have another form too.

I have also thought about experimenting with vellum because of how the pages come together, but I need to buy some to show formally how I will execute this.

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