Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gertrude Stein Process One

So I spent a good amount of time going through and re-reading Tender Buttons again to see which ones caught my interest the most, and narrowing it down to the ten I want to include in my anthology. I am choosing to somehow portray Roast beef, Apple, Butter, A Box, A Mounted Umbrella, More, A New Cup and Saucer, A Petticoat, A Carafe That is a Blind Glass, and these two excerpts from Rooms:

A line in life, a single line and a stairway, a rigid cook, no cook and no equator, all the same there is higher than that another evasion. Did that mean shame, it meant memory. Looking into a place that was hanging and was visible looking into this place and seeing a chair did that mean relief, it did, it certainly did not cause constipation and yet there is a melody that has white for a tune when there is straw color. This shows no face.

Star-light, what is star-light, star-light is a little light that is not always mentioned with the sun, it is mentioned with the moon and the sun, it is mixed up with the rest of the time.

I've also mostly been brain storming how I want to mesh all of these poems together, I've been thinking about making each poem, or a few small collections of poems, into a smaller book and making a container that would hold all of the smaller units together. Or having some sort of experimental book form, that seems structured but in actuality is a bit chaotic.

Some of the themes that I identified in the poems I have picked are sense of openness, death/destruction/or deterioration, experiencing, and repetition/rhythm/pattern.

Here is some initial experimentation; I am playing with the destruction theme that I have seen in the poems, and applying to this poem, even though it doesn't necessarily have an emphasis on that theme like some of the other poems do.

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