Sunday, September 8, 2013

Visual Inspiration

FROM PAPER TO SCREEN from Thibault de Fournas on Vimeo.

Opening Titles for AMD Conference 2009 from Sebastian Lange on Vimeo.

These two above videos are great examples

Spacetime Fabric Softener from Professor Soap on Vimeo.

This video has a really nice transition that I liked, how it went from a chaotic scene to just the character tumbling in a plain background.

Ezra Vine - Celeste from Robert Wallace on Vimeo.

I thought the intro to this video had a great sense of depth and play with the framing, and I think it could be incorporated into a typographic moment.

The poems I have decided upon using are A Carafe, That Is A Blind Glass, and this excerpt from Rooms: A lline in life, a single line and a stairway, a rigid cook, no cook and no equator, all the same there is higher than that another evasion. Did that mean shame, it meant memory. Looking into a place tha

t was hanging and was visible looking into this place and seeing a chair did that mean relief, it did, it certainly did not cause constipation and yet there is a melody that has white for a tune when there is straw color. This shows no face.

Star-light, what is star-light, star-light is a little light that is not always mentioned with the sun, it is mentioned with the moon and the sun, it is mixed up with the rest of the time.

For the methodologies of creating this visual story with the poems I've been thinking about my themes from Kidwell's class of deterioration, and some of my experimentation of that has been from ink bleeding. I thought that an video of this process or some sort of water destruction of the poetry would be a fun thing to have analog experimentation with.

Lego Kinetic Type from Pino Russo on Vimeo.

Also I found this video last minute and thought it was a creative use of legos

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