Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Response for AIGA 2015 Readings

Designer of 2015 Competencies

First of all, I thought it was nice that this reading was mostly just a list, it made it much easier to get through rather than paragraph form. Especially since some of it is a bit dense.

More importantly though, I was surprised that number 11 (Ability to collaborate productively in large interdisciplinary teams) was not higher on the list. From all the lectures I have attended plus what we have been learning about in class it seems that collaboration is a huge part of design, especially with others that are not designers.

I guess with that being lower on the list it shows that concepts and content will always be the root, and most important part of designing, and that a designer must truly know their end goal for communication and to execute this with visuals.

Designer of 2015 Trends 

What really caught my eye in this article was how the understanding and treatment of audiences is continually changing now. Before reaching one broad audience was the goal, but now with the ever expanding media it makes it possible for designers to know more about smaller specific audiences and design based on this narrowed perspective. 
I also think it is great that they are calling designers to be leaders in sustainability. I think designers wield more power than we realize sometimes, and that we can use our skills of persuasion to do something good for the entire world.


  1. Interesting to see what you thought were important aspects as opposed to how they had them listed

  2. I agree, the fact that things are continually changing is very important. At my last college I seen people with masters degrees in design come back to school to learn new skills to keep up with the times. Such as digital software.