Sunday, October 6, 2013

[Type 3] Self Assessment

I think I am doing well in Type 3. I personally really loved diving into Gertrude Stein, I thought it was great subject matter for interpretation for this project, and I think that showed in my end product for this assignment. I thought that my book was strong conceptually and visually. I felt like I had good growth in the project, considering I started on the typewriter and ended up somewhere totally different, but for good reasons of connotation and my concepts.

My weaknesses have been process blog posts and craft. For the blog posting I felt as if I didn't really have much to show for the in-between process because most of the work I was doing was small refinements and finishing up locking up my type, but I don't know if that is much of an excuse.

For craft I think my biggest problem was time limitations, I had so much work to do I wasn't really able to do a test run. If I have the chance/resources I may remake the 4 accordian books with more care. It particularly irks me that they don't sit flat... P.S. I know I forgot to put my vimeo link in my book, I can print a new colophon with it on there if you want.

Overall I think that I am (mostly) on track in this class and I am excited to keep moving forward with Koenig!

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