Wednesday, October 9, 2013

[Union Station–Kansas City] Research Stage

For initial reserach about Union Station Nick and I looked into its history briefly.

Construction began in 1911 on higher ground because of flooding problems of the older station.
In 1914 it opened to the Public.
In 1933 there was a shoot out and massacre in front of the station.
In 1983 the Station closed for except for Amtrak and a reseraunt, which both close in a few years
In 1996 a bill is passed to restore the Station
In 1999 the Station re-opens after renovations
In 2002 Amtrak services return

For our research about the greater Kansas City area in the 2000's Nick and I found a decent list of things.

KC Fashion Week 2013
Bloch Building at the Nelson Atkins 2007
Kaufmann Performing Arts Center 2011
Google Fiber 2011
Obama (Folly Theater) 2010
Sprint Center 2007
Power & Light 2005-2008
KC Ballet New Location 2011
Roller Derby league created 2004
Mavericks Hockey Team created 2009
Max Bus system 2005/2010

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