Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Final Newspaper Re-Design Jpegs+Animation

Fort Collins Coloradoan Website Re-Design by Monica Roesner from Monica Roesner on Vimeo.

This here is the short animation I made to showcase the website design, below are my jpegs. There is a roll over state for every page, and two bellow the folds, making a total of 12 images in this blog post.

The experience starts at the home page, moves to the news page, to a full article, then to the entertainment page, and finishes off on the calendar.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Portfolio Sites Like I want to make mine  this is a wordpress template, called ipsum also a wordpress, but it looks as if he uploaded a template he created himself

This is by far my favorite, but I imagine it take quite a bit of coding knowledge.

And here is my site map of what I am imagining my website to look like.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Pro-Practice Interview Info + Reading Response

I thought the reading was helpful because I never know how to approach people, and this had some great example questions that make it easy to strike up a conversation with anyone.  I was thinking that instead of coming-off as rude by asking who is the most interesting, maybe ask who has been interesting to talk to that night, or who is someone they could introduce to me. Overall I think its mostly about remember that a lot people are in the same position I'm in at these functions, and that most people love to talk about themselves, and I can use that to my advantage. 

Swanny Mouton or Sarah Henderson
Interaction Designers at Second Story Studios (503) 827-7155

Barbara deWilde

Anne Willoughby
816-561-4189 P

Justin Ahrens
Founder of rule 29 in Chicago

Mark Voss
friend of Kidwell

Kevin Swanson
Product Developer of Hallmark Books

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Website Designs

So I changed some colors, and made some minor grid changes. I also decided to go with more of a hover state for teasers on the section pages. 

I'm currently still fussing with the type on the navigation circle, and I still need to finish the calendar page.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Design Comps for Newspaper Website

Logo Mark Progress

I decided upon the geometric look, I think it fits my aesthetic more, and my strong personality. I also really like that I can use this in conjunction with photography, like I had done in my previous experimentation.

I also think I don't have to limit myself, I could see myself using 3 of these marks for different purposes. Such as the initial one for small signature like things, while using one with my whole name for a business card and website.

Pro-Practice Writing


I am an energetic optimist, with a passion for design.  Creative problem solving and collaboration are my strengths and I assume leadership roles well. I look forward to the opportunities where I can be a benefit your business.
Foot Traffic    June 2013–Present
I started as a designer at Foot Traffic with the intent of only working for one summer, but ended up staying on with them part time. I regularly design website and email graphics, photograph and edit product shots, catalogue design, package design, and I manage their social media.

AIGA Student Officer: Documentarian        August 2013 ­– present
I document (photograph) the KCAI student chapter of AIGA. This requires going to events, and being highly involved in the group, as well as having a leadership role in the chapter.

Graphic Design USA Student to Watch       Febuary 2014
I was selected as one of 25 students to be featured in the magazine’s annual students to watch section. I was nominated by my professors, and achieved this honor as a junior, when traditionally a senior is chosen.

Nelson-Atkins Internship     August 2013–November 2013
I was one of a few select students to have a graphic design internship for a semester at the museum. The internship included 90 contact hours. I worked on a variety of projects from branding, invitations, posters, and learned production skills.

Student Leadership Team   Spring Semester of 2013
I was the sophomore representative for the Graphic Design department for the school wide student leadership team. Each department’s professors can select up to three representatives to participate in the group. Students are required to discuss with peers about school wide issues and present them to the team with discussion of possible solutions.

Education: Kansas City Art Institute           Fall Semester of 2011 to Present
4415 Warwick Blvd. Kansas City, MO 64111 800-522-5224
Completed Sophomore Year in Graphic Design
GPA: 3.73

CV (the small differences from my resumer)

Baskin Robbins May 2013-August 2013
Providing excellent customer service while servign customer, and also acting as a leader in the shop. I was a key-holder and responsible for directing younger workers in closing the store, dropping cash registers, and preparing the store for the next day.
Michael Kidwell
Kansas City Art Institute
Assistant Professor and Interim Chair

Marty Maxwell Lane
Kansas City Art Institute
Assistant Professor

Nancy Ornce
Foot Traffic

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Manager, Graphic Design


            Monica Roesner is a born and raised Coloradoan that’s always had a passion for beauty. While her heart remains with the mountains, she is currently in Kansas City pursuing a BFA in graphic Design at the Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI). She is an energetic optimist, with a passion for design. From a young age all forms of art wooed Monica, but she originally “fell” for graphic design back in high school. After joining the school newspaper staff on a whim she discovered that design concepting and creating layouts is where her true passions laid.
Monica is currently a Junior at KCAI, and during her attendance she has better developed her concepting and layout skills, as well as gained skills in typography, web and video design. She has been able to put this skills to work while working for a company called Foot Traffic, and being a Design Intern at the Nelson-Atkins. She looks forward to another year of learning and having more professional experience.

Artist Statement

            I love the visual world. I love words. I love thinking. I love structure. To me, it’s no wonder that I ended up a designer.  I can do all the things my heart desires in one place. Along my design journey I’ve discovered a deep love for books, typography, and image making. Yet I want more. I want to explore all types of media that design covers and see what roads I take.

Monday, February 10, 2014

[how-to w/morgan] storyboard

This is our vision for our video, we hope to have some top down filming, close ups, and a time lapse.

[how-to w/morgan] storyboard

This is our vision for filming. We hope to be able to do some top down filming, and close up shots, and a time lapse.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Pro Practice Branding

30 Words that describe myself

curious, passionate, strong, extroverted, theoretical, logical, planning, rational, self-confident, ambitious, direct, open, organized, determined, witty, independent, purposeful, dynamic, energetic, optimistic, competent, responsible, clever, intellectual, enthusiastic, demanding, structured, controlled, aggressive, unique

Thursday, February 6, 2014

[how-to w/morgan] teacup candles proccess

Teacups, saucers optional
Wax (recycled old candles or candle wax from a craft store)
6 inch anchored wicks
Scented oil
Wood skewers or old pencils
Sauce pan
glass container to melt wax in
Pot holders

Prepare Teacups
            Wash teacups, and dry thoroughly (water and wax are not friends!)
            Tie wicks to wooden skewers
            Lay the skewers across the top of the teacups, have the anchor centered, and flat against the bottom of the cup
Prepare boiling water in sauce pan
Place wax in small container
 Place wax container in boiling water

After wax has completely melted, add scents and dye as desired
Stir with a skewer

Carefully pour wax into teacups until they are about 1-1.5 inches from the rim

Let cool at room temperature to prevent cracking

Cut wicks to size, about 1 centimeter long


Sunday, February 2, 2014

[how-to w/morgan] Look and Feel

Inspiration & Look/Feel
With this instructional video, Morgan and I discussed having some nice close up shots, going in and out of focus at some points. We're really interested in having close ups and overhead/straight down shots. This video is targeting females age 18-30, a crowd of DIY and crafters. It should be soft, ambient, welcoming, fashionable, and other similar descriptors. The following found inspiration gives some of the look and feels that we're looking to portray in our own work.

Rouge By Carte Noire - Foodfilm - QUAD from QUAD on Vimeo.