Thursday, February 6, 2014

[how-to w/morgan] teacup candles proccess

Teacups, saucers optional
Wax (recycled old candles or candle wax from a craft store)
6 inch anchored wicks
Scented oil
Wood skewers or old pencils
Sauce pan
glass container to melt wax in
Pot holders

Prepare Teacups
            Wash teacups, and dry thoroughly (water and wax are not friends!)
            Tie wicks to wooden skewers
            Lay the skewers across the top of the teacups, have the anchor centered, and flat against the bottom of the cup
Prepare boiling water in sauce pan
Place wax in small container
 Place wax container in boiling water

After wax has completely melted, add scents and dye as desired
Stir with a skewer

Carefully pour wax into teacups until they are about 1-1.5 inches from the rim

Let cool at room temperature to prevent cracking

Cut wicks to size, about 1 centimeter long


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