Friday, February 21, 2014

Pro-Practice Interview Info + Reading Response

I thought the reading was helpful because I never know how to approach people, and this had some great example questions that make it easy to strike up a conversation with anyone.  I was thinking that instead of coming-off as rude by asking who is the most interesting, maybe ask who has been interesting to talk to that night, or who is someone they could introduce to me. Overall I think its mostly about remember that a lot people are in the same position I'm in at these functions, and that most people love to talk about themselves, and I can use that to my advantage. 

Swanny Mouton or Sarah Henderson
Interaction Designers at Second Story Studios (503) 827-7155

Barbara deWilde

Anne Willoughby
816-561-4189 P

Justin Ahrens
Founder of rule 29 in Chicago

Mark Voss
friend of Kidwell

Kevin Swanson
Product Developer of Hallmark Books

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