Wednesday, April 23, 2014

[feather collection] final

Here is my final url for the website.

My goals for this websitewas to instill a sense of curiosity spurring exploration of the webpage space in many directions. I wanted the view to feel as if they were discovering information as they went along. This is tied to my visual look of the website to be like an explorer's journal cataloging new information to pass along for others to learn, thus still having a personal feel while it is still educational.

Monday, April 21, 2014

[nelson project] family testing day

Testing day at the Nelson, Saturday April 19th, was a day for us to go out into the park with a family and allow them, the parents and children, to take our prototypes, use them around the park on the sunny day, and then give us some feedback on if they were awesome or should be thrown away immediately.

Some of the feedback we got included:
The items worked really well for children, especially the fact that you could rearrange the elements on the frame once you are given them.
The frame could also double as a viewfinder.
The type at the center of the frame could be a smidgen larger.
We should mention the Pose in the Park event instead of placing it as “Photo.”
Perhaps the frame could be a magnet?
Maybe make a holder or stand for the frame?

Friday, April 11, 2014

[collection website] Class Response/Crit

Kaylie had the suggestion that my rollovers for the feathers should incorporate my macro photos of the feathers, showing even more detail. Like a magnifying glass

Tessa felt like it was a little bit big on the big screen and to scale down the images just a little, but after she was able to navigate the website on my screen she felt like it was better.

Bri was wondering if my reveal page was also a continuos scroll like my home screen, so that the website felt more unified.

In general people liked the typography and visual style. Also it was brought up I should explain that the feathers were collected by natural cause, i.e. not plucked out of the birds.

I feel pretty good about everything, I just need to keep designing designing designing.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

[pro-practice] print progress

Here are my final cover letter and resume files.

 This is my postcard and business card.

Here is my thank you card, and alternate circular logos.

And here is a video of the die-lie I want to use for my print portfolio, which also function as a leave-behind for interviews.

This is the die-line I've designed.

And here are a few interior cards I have made for it.

Monday, April 7, 2014

[nelson project] initial design

Well the three of us decided upon a gate fold, and a retro look and feel (here is a link to our pinterest board of inspiration