Monday, September 8, 2014

brainstorm // user questions/scenarios

Objective: System that helps people connect and adapt when moving to a new city.

How can I connect with other individuals?
Desktop: profiles that you can view for people that are also new to the city, and those that are now considered experts on the city, internal message system would allow communication between users. App: Push notifications could be sent when another user is near by, so you can connect in person.

How can I connect with a group of people?
Desktop: A public calendar of events can be specifically for getting groups of people together. Ideas for these meet-ups can be suggested in another area of the site.

How do I stay connected with these people?
App: After an appropriate amount of time the user will receive a reminder to re-connect with the person if they wish to foster a friendship.

How can I evaluate how well we connected?
App/Desktop: After meeting someone there should be a review process on how it went, and how well the users connected with each other. This would probably be in the form of a survey. Also, each user can be endorsed for his/her skills and personality (such as linked in) after meeting in person.

Where should I go explore?
App: The user will put in a single objective such as the area of town, or type of place they'd like to visit and a list of options will show them where they can do that, with other places to visit in that area as well.

How can I learn about the history of this city?
Markers can be placed around town for users to go scavenger hunting, each maker has something new they can learn about the city. These markers will be linked through GPS to the app

What's unique about this city?
Users will be encouraged to share their favorite nuances of the city with each other.

How do I find transportation?
App: Based on GPS you can locate the nearest bus stop, or be given the number of a local cab service.

What is the best grocery store for me?
Desktop: Have a system that calculates distance, what the user wants, and their budget for food in order to find the best fit for their shopping needs.

What communities in this city can I get involved in?
Desktop: Have an area for associations, sports teams, churches, etc that are open to new members, and basic information on how to join.

Where do I go if I become sick or injured?
Desktop: A list and reviews of locations near your home, also request help from a neighbor if you can't make it there yourself.

What should I do today?
App: An adventure mode can be initiated, and your phone will take you on a 2-3 stop journey in an area of the city you've never visited before. At the end of the adventure there will be a reward such as a coupon for a free coffee or something.

I'm feeling lonely, how do I combat it?
The desktop platform could have a support forum, or area with advice on living alone for the first time. Challengers will be presented to the user to help them get off the computer and go find a real person to connect with.

How should I connect with my neighbors?
Desktop or app could have a check-in option, and allow to know when your neighbors are home.

How should I travel to surrounding cities?
This could be a ride share sort of area where people wanting to broaden their exploration radius can do so together.

I found this old article from the Pitch that helped give me some perspective too.

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  1. Thorough and good questions. Enjoyed the personal approach of the pitch article.