Wednesday, September 10, 2014

personas // full scenarios across 3 platforms

Persona 1: Angela
She's 19, she's shy and new to town because she moved for college. She likes doing homework in coffee shops. Besides that she tends to be a homebody, but desires to experience more.

1. Angela starts by making her profile, she enters her email and basic info (include available transportation)
2. She completes a personal survey with her likes and interests
3.She is prompted to download the app if she hasn't already

App, lucky for Angela, she's already downloaded the app
 1. she opens the app
2.App prompts her to "go on an adventure"
3. She accepts the adventure
4. Adventure option screen > moods & interests > map with adventure options that includes distance and time information
5. She selects an adventure
6. Elusive GPS instructions prompt Angela with turn by turn guidance
7. She arrives at the location, and is given a challenge

1. Angela must got find a nearable that has been strategically placed
2. When she finds the nearable the app will open the camera
3. She takes a picture (it could be the object she is learning about, or her with someone she met, etc.) and the challenge is completed! The photo automatically will populate her photo gallery on desktop

1. The app notifies Angela of how many points she has earned towards leveling up as an adventurer

Persona 2: Isaac
He's 26, he is a young professional that has moved to a new urban city for a new job. He's currently lived in this city for 4 months, he loves to explore, and he's made some great friends around the city, and loves that the app nourish his social desires.

Isaac has plans to meet up with his friends, that he met on the app. It's an open crowded area (River Market) and is having trouble finding his friends.

1. He opens up app
2. He receives a ping from his friend! (both him and his friend have the app)
3. The ping has a short message from his friend "We're buying tomatoes here, come join us." (map of all pings in background)
4. Isaac opens the ping, and it opens up a compass that will lead him straight to his friend
5. Compass disappears, and a conformation that you found your friend will pop up, tap yes or no
6. Now that him and his friends are together, he see's that there are other pings on the map, one being a charity event (open invitation, and pings are color-coded) and another being an SOS ping
7. He checks out the SOS ping, other people using the app need two more people to complete their challenge.

1. Isaac and his friends go meet up with the others
2. They place all their "key cards" on the sensor (collumn) and activate the group challenge
3. The challenge is Musical Dots! > the column will anounce the game, and say the rules, and begin to play music > when the music stops everyone must get on a dot the column projects dots onto the ground > from this point on the game works like musical chairs

4. Lucky for Isaac, he's the winner, so he is prompted with a reward!

Its the end of the day and Isaac wants to check in on the progress he made today
1. He opens up his dashboard
2. He sees the photo gallery of what everyone in the city has been doing today (que picture of Angela)
3. He then looks at the calendar to see the see upcoming events and challenges
4. He sees that there is a new adventure that he can pay for, and he wants to do it!
5. Since he has already impute his payment information, he simple clicks and confirms his new adventure, he can't wait to go "and see you there too"

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