Monday, September 1, 2014

Visual Advocacy // Audience Research

Audience #1: Who are you trying to help?
        · Burge Bird Rescue
        · Abused/under-cared birds, and those rehabilitating these birds

Audience #2: Who are you trying to reach?
        · Possible adopters and donors

Who are the stakeholders?
        · Dr. Burge
        · Other vets
        · Pet Owners
        · Volunteers
        · Pet Stores

Who will be affected both positively and negatively?
        · Positively
                • Birds in need
                • Burge Bird Rescue

How are these people related to the problem?
        · The birds are the ones in need
To each other?
        · ?

What are the needs for each of your audiences?
        · Audience #1 (Bird Rescue)
                • Awareness 
                • Branding 
                • Fundraising 
        · Audience #2
               · Literature for
                       • Awareness
                       • Fundraising
                       • Proper care for birds
                · Rewards for donating

How does your idea support (or change) those needs for each?
        · To fill the needs of the rescue that have not already been filled, and share these needs with a larger audience.

Who are you communicating this need to?
        • The larger audience of pet owners
        • Because they are the people most likely to be passionate about animals

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