Friday, September 26, 2014

Visual Advocacy // Big Idea & Volunteering

The Big Idea:
“Fledgling”— Nurturing and preparing potential pet parents for leaving the nest and becoming a caretaker for their new feathered friend.

Fledgling (definition): a young bird that has just fledged. Fledge is the stage in a young bird’s life when the feathers and wing muscles are sufficiently developed for flight. It also describes the act of a chick’s parents raising it to a fully grown state.

Website:Help guide new or current bird owners through the best ways to care for their pets
Have better access to information on where to adopt a bird
“Are You Ready?” Frequent misunderstanding on getting a bird
Video Blogging—having a spokesperson
Hashtag—social media involvement
Donation Reward System
Music Channel for Birds

Interactive:Bird Whistle Challenge/Game
Birds Need Love Reminder

Pamphlets on bird care/health
Magnet—quick access information
Donation Reward System

Large (in your face) Bird Deterioration Imagery
Die cut feathers with facts
Interactive/Nearable mobile informational animation
Something with how birds mate for life?
Sunflower seed packaging (Diet of the 20th Century)

Textiles (towels/fabric)
Woodcut feathers
Change Jar (collect then donate, like a piggy bank)
Bird Toys

And Morgan and I Volunteered! 

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