Thursday, October 16, 2014

Stakeholder Review // Dr. Julie Burge

Morgan and I have had some really good interaction with Dr. Julie Burge (vet and owner of Burge Bird Rescue) in asking questions and getting feedback. Most recently we discussed with her the idea of creating a website for potential bird owners that would have information that would get them ready to begin their journey as a bird owner. This would in essence be a “go to” source for information. We asked her opinion and if there was any information that she thought would be crucial to include in our site. Her response was that it would be good to really emphasize that birds are a long term commitment.She was also very obliging in providing us with informational paperwork that she has available in her practice. (We’ve been working to type in/digitize this information so that it can be easy transferred to our website. Dr. Burge has also been really awesome in allowing us to come in to her rescue and have a bird photo shoot (date TBD).

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