Monday, December 8, 2014

Self Evaluation // MX

This might be risky to say, but I think Venture might be my favorite project that I've so far in school. I really liked how Jodi and I let the idea come to us rather than us going into it with something specific in mind already. And I think it was great to learn everything we did for our research and I'm glad we were still able to use that in some of that in our final video. I think Jodi and I also worked great together. We had no problems being able to collaborate, and I think we always evenly balanced the workload. We were able to fluidly work between each of our files, so we both got to work on both mobile and desk top.

And when we presented our final video to the class it was great to see everyone smile and laugh. It was just the cherry on top of a great project, to see that what we made effectively caused emotive reactions. That kind of is the end goal anyway, so that people would download it in the end (if it were real).

(I'd also like to give myself a pat on the back for doing the roto-scoping in our video. I'm not after effects person, I can manage, it's just not my forte. So the fact that I was able to take that on, and that the video turned out great made me really happy.)

Self Evaluation // Visually Advocacy

Overall I'm really pleased with how Fledgling turned out. Morgan and I had a great team effort, and we really gelled on this project. We both put in our best, and spilt the work evenly.  Everything (for the most part) went to the schedule we set, and I feel like we made a lot. It felt great to set the complete package out and see everything together, and I loved being able to wear the shirts for the presentation for fun.

I'm also considering working on the website some more in my spare time (whenever that is). I feel like there could be a lot more that could be added to it, and I'd really like this website to be helpful. This past weekend I went to City Pets in Westport and was telling them about the project and they were super excited to hear about, and asked me to bring some cards in. They got me super excited, and possibly if I can find some money I'm considering adding paid clicks or something so that it will start popping up on the top of the page on google searches for getting a pet bird.

So overall, I think Morgan ended up with a great portfolio piece that hopefully will turn into a truly functional/helpful outlet for people looking to get a bird.

Degree project proposal

I was always that kid that had to touch everything. I can still hear the reminder “remember Monica, LOOK, don’t touch,” bouncing around my head from all the times my parents had to tell me that when I was little. Sometimes the urge still strikes me when I’m out and about, or traipsing around a museum to just touch something. I’m guessing we all have this occasionally, we’ve just learned to suppress it after years of training.

This has lead me the idea for my degree project, I want to explore how design can impact/interact with the human senses such as sight, sound, and touch (I’ll think I be excluding smell and taste, but I’m open to experimenting with them if it seems appropriate).

I’m thinking about working on a series of project, where each project would be based upon one sense. Or possibly focusing on one sense and making a variety of projects based off of that.

Either way, I’ve found myself gravitating towards exploring tactility and interactivity and how they can impact the way people interact with art and design in general. I think we live in an ever increasing no touching world, as people become more attached to their digital devices the more disconnected it seems we get. 

Yet on the other hand, there is a growing world of interactive design popping up in museums to malls, to sports arenas that are meant to be touched and interacted with.

I also am interested in possibly exploring a fine art, gallery setting. I feel like these scenarios are often meant for only looking, and I want people to interact with the objects I make.

I’m not exactly sure what the end goal I would want out of these would be, possibly just getting people to enjoy their experience, and getting them to put their phones away for a few minutes.

As for applications of these things, I’m imaging a blend of digital and analog applications to make this all possible. I think I’d like to explore working with arduinos for the digital side. Arduino' is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for anyone making interactive projects. Arduino senses the environment by receiving inputs from many sensors, and affects its surroundings by controlling lights, motors, and other actuators. I see a lot of potential working with arduinos because of their many different applications and uses that relate to the human senses. There is also a huge community online with tutorials and ideas for auditions that I would be able to reference for help.

I've actually purchased a makey makey, which is a very simply arduino geared for simply inventing. Here's a video of what it can do.

For the a part of the analog side I’d like to see myself somehow incorporate knitting in with one of these projects (most likely a touch oriented one). Knitting has been a passion/love of mine for a long time, and I think exploring this form through the lens of design would be fun for me. I think it could spark some pretty interesting conversations around the stigma knitting has (usually being associated as a craft hobby, mostly for elderly women). I’d like to break this stigma by making an artifact that people can interact with, that they would remember in the future, and possibly get them to think about knitting or touching things in the future.

So to boil it all down I guess I want to make something that is entice for people to interact with, be thought provoking, and memorable for those that do interact with it.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Design Ignites Change // Fledgling

Design Ignites Change is an awesome opportunity to get your work out there for the world to see. Morgan and I have posted our Fledgling system there. It’s our hope that, if nothing else, people are able to see it and feel more informed.

Final Presentation // Fledgling

These are the images of the final objects for Fledgling.

And of course, don't forget to check out the website.
Click the image to go to the link.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fledgling Budget

Morgan and I worked out a budget for the Fledgling system, just in case we could take it farther. Factoring in shirts, books, stickers, and website costs, it should all come to about $1,500. This is taking advantage of both online ordering and using local printing companies such as Bandwagon Merch in Kansas City, MO. The full invoice can be seen below.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Feathered Friends // Blurb Book

The Feathered Friends book features some of the birds that live at the Burge Bird Rescue (where all the photographs were taken). The main focus of this book is to show the individual personalities and stories of the birds with some extra information on the breed to bird. Ideally these books would be sold through Fledgling and all the proceeds would go to supporting Dr. Burge and all the wonderful work she does at the rescue.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bird Photoshoot // Burge Bird Rescue

Dr. Burge was kind enough to allow Morgan and I take over a corner of her rescue and photograph a couple of the birds. We plan on sending Dr. Burge the final photos so she can use them for her social media (which is very active.)

It was really great to get to interact with all of these birds and get a little feel for their personalities. We Plan to highlight all of these in the book we will be working on.