Monday, December 8, 2014

Self Evaluation // Visually Advocacy

Overall I'm really pleased with how Fledgling turned out. Morgan and I had a great team effort, and we really gelled on this project. We both put in our best, and spilt the work evenly.  Everything (for the most part) went to the schedule we set, and I feel like we made a lot. It felt great to set the complete package out and see everything together, and I loved being able to wear the shirts for the presentation for fun.

I'm also considering working on the website some more in my spare time (whenever that is). I feel like there could be a lot more that could be added to it, and I'd really like this website to be helpful. This past weekend I went to City Pets in Westport and was telling them about the project and they were super excited to hear about, and asked me to bring some cards in. They got me super excited, and possibly if I can find some money I'm considering adding paid clicks or something so that it will start popping up on the top of the page on google searches for getting a pet bird.

So overall, I think Morgan ended up with a great portfolio piece that hopefully will turn into a truly functional/helpful outlet for people looking to get a bird.

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