Tuesday, February 3, 2015

East Bottoms Review // Neighborhood Artifact

The East Bottoms is an odd mix. Overall I'd say it feels a like it's own crumbling city that's trying to get back into the swing of things. With an industrial emphasis, the area is full of trains yards and construction related business. Most of it is covered in graffiti that feels like cool high schools or college freshman painted to get a thrill for living, but it seems that nobody would care if they got caught anyway. Trash and un-needed objects litter curb sides and are nested into every corner, mostly beer bottles.

Pendleton Heights was the most interesting for me. In some places it feels like it's struggling to become a new midtown, with a community garden (that has a padlock on its water pump), but in other area's it feels unapologetic for it's deteriorating state. It feels like most people are ok with scraping a living out of the area (almost quite literally in the areas where people have scraped their names into concrete), while others are desperately trying to improve it.

Yet it seems to be going through a little revitalization, it's on a cute little eclectic rise. With Local Pig and Pigwich leading the way in drawing people in for high quality local food. A couple other businesses in the area have the same feel.

Nick and I have yet to visit Knuckleheads, but I've been there once before. It's a fun po-dunk place where everyone seems to have a bud light and bob in there neck to the live jam music. It has a distinct blue collar feel, where a rich snobs would clearly not be welcome, but if you've still got dust on clothes from your hard day at work nobody gives a shit. You're here for good time, so is everybody else, so lets have a beer.

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